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Модель: W-8
Сопротивление: 8 Ом
Чувствительность: 111 dB
Вход: 2×Neutrik NL8
Выход: 3 канала
Стоимость: Уточняйте
Модель: K-10B
Сопротивление: 8 Ом
Чувствительность: 95 dB
Вход: 2×NL4MP speakon
Выход: 2 канала
Стоимость: Уточняйте
Модель: CV-6.5/CV-112B
Сопротивление: 8 Ом
Чувствительность: 106dB
Вход: 2×NL4MP speakon
Выход: 2 канала
Стоимость: Уточняйте
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Модель: W-9
Категория: W Series
Короткое описание: The W-9 line array system which is made of two 12'neodymium woofers, two high sensitivity 8' midrange speaker units, two 3' titanium neodymium compression drivers, the drivers by two independent plane wave converter, with a innovative directly horn which
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W-9 speaker box is trapezoid shaped, hi, mid, low driver units all with independent horn output, which improved the speaker sound, maximum lowed the intervention between the drivers.

The precise positioning position between the driver units which verified the speaker box very small, but also to ensure the gap between the cabinet to cabinet minimize.

Even several boxes combination can also with a precise point forming a line array group, resulting in excellent sound quality, each box is installed with hanging assembly, can be  convenient for hanging, assembling, which application W-9 line array performance excellent to large stadiums, big outdoor concerts, commercial events, etc.

Технические характеристики:
Model W-9
Type Three-way line array system
Frequency 60Hz-18KHz±3dB
Power LF 1000W(RMS)4000W(PEAK)
  MF 400W(RMS)1600W(PEAK)
  HF 200W(RMS)800W(PEAK)
Sensitivity LF 106dB(1W@1M)
  MF 105dB(1W@1M)
  HF 109dB(1W@1M)
Max LF 135dB(PEAK)
  MF 135dB(PEAK)
  HF 138dB(PEAK)
Drivers LF 2×12"(310mm) neodymium woofer 75mm(3in)coil 
  MF 2×8"(210mm) neodymium woofer 50mm(2in)coil 
  HF 2×3" neodymium compression driver with 75mm titanium diaphragm
Nominal LF 8 ohm
  MF 8 ohm
  HF 16 ohm
Coverage 110°H×7°V
Connections LF 1(+)1(-) LF 2(+)2(-) MF 3(+)3(-) HF 4(+)4(-)
Connectors 2×Neutrik NL8
Finish Textured high-density polyurethane coating
Enclosure Birch Plywood
Crossover LF  60Hz-250Hz   MF 250Hz-1.5KHz   HF 1.5KHz-20KHz 
Dimensions 932×360×584mm(W×H×D)
Packing 1000×430×655mm(W×H×D)0.26cbm
Net 55kg 
Gross 59kg  


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