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Модель: W-8
Сопротивление: 8 Ом
Чувствительность: 111 dB
Вход: 2×Neutrik NL8
Выход: 3 канала
Стоимость: Уточняйте
Модель: K-10B
Сопротивление: 8 Ом
Чувствительность: 95 dB
Вход: 2×NL4MP speakon
Выход: 2 канала
Стоимость: Уточняйте
Модель: CV-6.5/CV-112B
Сопротивление: 8 Ом
Чувствительность: 106dB
Вход: 2×NL4MP speakon
Выход: 2 канала
Стоимость: Уточняйте
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Модель: CV-6.5/CV-112B
Категория: CV Series
Короткое описание: CV-6.5 is a coxial array system which is made of a 6.5"woofer, a 1.4" titanium neodymium compression driver.
Стоимость: По запросу
CV-6.5 is a coxial array system which is made of a 6.5"woofer, a 1.4" titanium neodymium compression driver. a CV-6.5 will integrate seamlessly with CV-112 array sub-bass system in a standard configuration.
Each enclosure is equipped with rigging system, allowing flown array to be constructed rapidly and safely. CV-6.5 is veryversatile and scalable for a wide range of applications in touring performance, corporate and fixed installation fields. CV-112B is a dedicated high performance sub-bass system designed to augment the low frequency output of  CV-6.5.
       CV-112B is a sub-bass enclosure which must be flown with CV-6.5. So its physical dimensions are identical to the CV-6.5 and it is equipped with the same proprietary rigging system. It features with a 12"woofer with magnet structure and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion.
Технические характеристики:
Model CV-6.5&CV-112B
Type Array system
Sub-bass system(CV-112B)
Frequency Response 80Hz -20kHz ± 3dB
42Hz-600Hz ± 3dB(CV-112B)
Power handling 150W(RMS)300W(PEAK)
Sensitivity 95dB(1W@1M)
Max@S.P.L 117dB(PEAK/1M)
LF section 6.5"(170mm)woofer
12"(310mm) woofer(CV-112B)
HF section 1×1.4"neodymium
compression driver with 34mm
Nominal impedance 8ohm
Output section 2-channel
Dispersion pattern 90°
Finish Black paint
Speaker cables 1(+)1(-)Built in crossover
Input connectors 2×NL4MP speakon
Recommend crossover 120Hz-20KHz
Dimensions 190×380×315mm(W×H×D)
Package dimensions 260×450×385mm/0.05cbm
Enclosure Plywood
Netweight 10kg(CV-6.5) / 21kg (CV-112B)
Gross weight 12kg(CV-6.5) / 24kg (CV-112B)


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